Integrated thinking leads to integrated solutions

Integrated thinking leads to integrated solutions

At Panasonic, we bring together complementary expertise across technologies and industries to give our partners a competitive edge, and improve the way we all live and work.

Creating technologies that move us

We believe technology should inspire and amaze, and help us reimagine our world. Built on a broad set of disruptive technologies, our future-thinking solutions enhance almost every aspect of life today.
Integrated Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Our integrated solutions

We’re currently focusing on these solutions: Connected World, Immersive Entertainment, Sustainable Energy, Integrated Supply Chain.

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Intelligent Highways in Colorado

Intelligent highways in Colorado

Panasonic is leading the way toward a Connected World where we can all move through the day with ease, safety and convenience.

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Atlanta Braves Stadium Technology

Wowing Atlanta fans

As fans’ expectations rise, we’re developing Immersive Entertainment solutions to take live experiences to new levels.

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EV Batteries for Tesla’s Model 3

EV batteries for Tesla’s Model 3

A better world relies on innovations that make Sustainable Energy possible, both from a technological and economic standpoint.

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McDonald's Seamless Panasonic Technology

McDonald's seamless technology

Our Integrated Supply Chain solutions improve workflows for factories, logistics companies, hospitality and retail operations.

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Everywhere we look, we see opportunity to make things better – with smart cities, weather-gathering airplanes and solar energy storage systems.

To create technologies that move us all forward, we look for the synergies between technologies, and ways to share innovation between industries.

For our partners in entertainment, automotive, avionics, retail, government and many other sectors, we leverage vast engineering and design expertise, a customer-focused approach and end-to-end solutions to transform customer experiences and create new operational efficiencies.

Our goal? Anticipate the future, innovate continuously and create breakthrough integrated solutions.

In a connected world, cars and highways communicate to make roadways safer and less congested.

Commuting isn’t just slow and frustrating. It can be dangerous. We’re working to change that through our partnership with the Colorado Department of Transportation. Rolling out right now along the state’s busy I-70 corridor, our deployment of connected vehicles and highway infrastructure will be the largest in the U.S., and a model for future development.

Built on a first of its kind software platform, this technology is being designed to improve safety by alerting drivers to changing conditions. In fact, when complete it has the potential to reduce accidents by 80%. What’s more, it will pave the way for self-driving vehicles that exchange information and use the road more efficiently, potentially quadrupling highway capacity.

To enable this self-driving future, we’re working concurrently on many other technologies, including artificial intelligence, radar technology and other driver assistance systems.

It may look like a classic ballpark, but the Atlanta Braves SunTrust Park is a tech-infused wonder for IoT fans.

While it’s just one example, the Atlanta Braves SunTrust Park showcases many elements of the holistic thinking that goes into our Immersive Entertainment solutions.

Here, the stadium is just the start. Digital technology throughout the park and The Battery Atlanta, an adjoining mixed-use development, creates a connected sensory experience that entertains and informs visitors. End-to-end integration – between multiple LED displays, monitors, projectors, interactive kiosks and video security systems – lets the Braves interact with their fans in new and increasingly personalized ways.

Then there’s the big showstopper – our larger-than-life “BravesVision” video board in center field, offering the best sports viewing experience currently available. Combined with our integrated sound system, it amps up excitement and helps rally the team to victory.

For fans looking to be wowed, we’re creating experiences they just can’t get at home.

EV Batteries for Tesla’s Model 3

At the Gigafactory, we’ll be doubling global production of lithium-ion battery cells for use in automobiles.

Tesla is a great example of the close relationships we forge with industry leaders with like-minded goals.

At what will be the world’s largest factory when it’s at full capacity – the Gigafactory near Reno, Nevada – we’ll be producing enough lithium-ion batteries for Tesla to reach a wider group of consumers with its Model 3 sedan. Which will further cement Panasonic’s leadership as the top global supplier of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

But that’s only one part of our partnership with Tesla. In Buffalo, NY, we’ll be producing photovoltaic cells and modules – not only for traditional solar panels, but for Tesla’s groundbreaking solar roof tiles, which will allow consumers to get the benefits of solar without using panels. These products will work seamlessly with Tesla’s Powerwall and Powerpack energy storage products.

See how our technology is creating a better customer experience at the world’s #1 hamburger chain.

For top quick-serve establishments like McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s, Dairy Queen and many others, Panasonic is a go-to-provider of a wide range of integrated technology solutions.

For restaurants built on speed of delivery, it’s all about coordination. The front counter has to talk to the kitchen. The kitchen has to talk to the drive-thru. And data has to be relayed to back office management for on-the-spot decision-making.

McDonald’s franchises are meeting customer expectations for faster, more seamless service by using our industry-leading products – including POS, handhelds, camera systems, drive-thru headsets and monitors – to streamline their operations. From self-order kiosks and mobile apps, to automation of kitchen appliances and processes, we’re working closely with our partners to take food service to the next level.