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Moving forward to create a better community for us all

A Basic Business Philosophy Beginning with Contribution to Society

From its inception Panasonic has been a purpose-driven company. Our rich consumer heritage focuses on improving lives and contributing to a better life, a better world. Our founder, Konosuke Matsushita, knew over 100 years ago, that at the core of every successful institution is a giving heart. Mr. Matsushita's business philosophy sparked a legacy of fundamental principles that begin with “Contribution to Society” and end with "Gratitude."

Committed to supporting communities we serve, locally and globally

With North American headquarters in Newark, NJ, we’ve committed to create positive change through technology. Our local and national mission is not only an extension of our core principles but also our dedication to supporting efforts that advance educational excellence. Panasonic’s Office of Corporate Social Responsibility is devoted to creating a better life, a better world through employee volunteerism, corporate outreach initiatives, and by increasing educational opportunities for disadvantaged students through strategic philanthropic investments.

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Closing the gap – moving forward and making a difference

By 2030, two-thirds of the fastest growing industries will require a postsecondary credential or degree, many of which are in technology. As a leading tech company, we are helping to foster students’ interest in next-gen careers. We see schools as transformative learning environments that will drive innovation and ingenuity. One of our goals is to address the widespread gap between future tech jobs and the lack of education in science, tech, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) especially in low-income communities.